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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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avis andl thtellitn,ll good l guys.eye red.>>r.nd m. daski. ree gogo comen,tinet's gore we my namisvy, i am abouto chge cky ly >> heyy!what goin? h at's goingnggoing on arinone se on c >>eah.>>eydd >>re ore a hrmit forhi >>eyju tl him- teime' doi t ea w d doing yeah, 're dosothing for , plse, so ree go. abo to ange one fa lif atthe exnt, sethagto cama. >>y, here weo.e you ys ready okay, heregohispers) $50 milli. , aryou drowsof mgatetr r?h. wy s chy. i'melyi ou.u. just reaquic ge me
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>>f f ll comt, step tse be live. you gulollowwa ouon--don't us steppi on lawn.i'm frch pre . abt cyouruy life. ll, mr. d s. dab margatetr m abt hand a check- yo es. oy, isure.>>h, everythllhangfrthis momt alght? e guys >> o.... e!en youes ths checfor $50 miio >> who congratulat om "eck siztrolis is alur >> h, >>t'milliojuor y guys. 'm looki at her it's kin >>e veeighbor whs- d.
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h,hat's sg? >> he'hahis neighbors,hat ey'r nad dabrow vify the t-- th's rsmeulul-- shoulbe llie. >> wt are urst nam? h,'m jeff. >> nd my.>>'re loing a and a lesl. >>'m s?>>e' loongor... gand ho on,he second. t ou lid r. yeah$5llion. >>liand happokayev lteto mveryarul qne.thesarthwrle thcheck is nirs.
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>> okaare g d@>>i,ea mil. o, li to ryarefully. thiss bane. espele
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>> okay,hat weon i've wa wanfl scre; yoknow hat esol, , n sory>> heyarysoning is d you don hpen e mr. ski, do yeah, gar m, holon soy,s, cly belgs to. h >> wha! s-- wmistake.i'reorry um... >> oh! ieed sit>> u.. um, anye?>>ouaid e this iyoand yosakis, at'ss. wha balons d ha keychai >>ha kch fou . >>ains?! >> hi. >>hat'myrickna oy,s, gs,uyu,s. it'mye it, jeff. -- uh,uy ight happyghppy. h, somebody re on th et hason50liand we'rgonn. uh, 'rjuonnaigurou stith e conf, pl>>ude...>> uh, guyguguguys
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o-- let go of the k.guys gu, ay. okall right.>> i callinglawyerdooundd? >> i do. doerstandeal tht ter,uh, rino m dabro. he's f,mill >>os h-runt , there yogo....>>hi dasr,hevy pleasee , pl save is, um.. , wait ain haore qu h,es?>>ree otv?be on ffen how. ndt tv show uld that >>ant toe tv'sew cled ess" you! thk dalaw >> tnk y. >>k n't y! (laug) ..(lin >>ou--oru're u the craout
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